About company

Our beginnings

Company history and development

Bamar-Pol is not just modern products.
It is also a history that has been ongoing for over three decades.

First patent

The first patent for a roller shutter system mounted non-invasively using double-sided foam tape represents a milestone in the window covering industry.
Pierwszy patent Bamar-Pol


First adhesive tapes production line

First line
for fabric coating

First injection moulding machine

Second injection moulding machine

First roller blind system: BAMAR-5

First trade fair

First catalogue

First folder

Since 1991

Currently, Bamar-Pol has achieved global reach, exporting products and participating in trade fairs on six continents. It serves clients in 86 markets.

The development of organizational and warehouse structures plays a key role in maintaining a high level of cooperation and meeting customer needs. This is the basis of our activities, ensuring the provision of services at the highest level of quality.
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