Other roller blind systems


PANEL TRACK is equiped with aluminium panel track profile (up to 9 tracks) and sliders with fabric panels. It is possible to move panels to the right, to the left or split stack.

The PANEL TRACK can be either ceiling or window capacity mounted.

System Vertical

VERTICAL system this is vertical blind designed for big sized windows. It is equiped with aluminium rounded-shape profile rail and runners with fabric louvres (89 mm / 127 mm). It is possible to make sloping vertical blinds and vertical blinds with different types of louvres’ driving. It is possible to connect rails also. Vertical blind are available for vertical D&N fabric.

VERTICAL system can be assembled to the ceiling (using clips) or to the wall (using rail angular hanger).

Bahama Vertical system

Unlike the standard vertical blind system, the BAHAMA VERTICAL system is distinguished by the fabric used. Full strips of fabric are connected with each other by a delicate mesh, thanks to which the whole creates an unusual, elegant curtain, retaining, however, the full functionality of vertical blinds - the strips rotate and move.
The BAHAMA VERTICAL system is intended for covering large surfaces. It consists of an aluminium rail with gores and the fabric attached to them with special hangers.

BAHAMA VERTICAL system can be assembled to the ceiling (using clips) or to the wall (using rail angular hanger).

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