System B2 ø32mm

BAMAR-2 system is a free-hanging roller blind designed to provide shade for large areas from light. It consists of material attached to a tube, and the entire mechanism is held in place by a pair of brackets. A characteristic feature of the mechanism used in this system is its highly precise operation, thanks to an adjustable cover that allows the chain to work vertically and be controlled at any angle. The B-2 System is also characterized by an easy and convenient installation and disassembly process, as well as the ability to utilize the entire width of the recess.

A 32 mm diameter tube reinforced with a insert can be an excellent solution for achieving a large roller blind size while allowing for the use of a significant amount of fabric. The reinforcement in the form of an insert enhances the strength and stability of the tube, which is particularly important for larger roller blinds. This helps prevent deformations and issues associated with excessive weight.

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