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What does the Bamar-pol company do?


  • Producer of roller blind systems- we offer components for production of inside covering
  • Wholesaler of fabrics for roller blinds
  • Manufacturer of tapes for the roller blinds industry and others
  • The company has more than 32 years of experience in the roller blind industry, it was the first company in Poland to produce cassette systems, one of the first to introduce a roller blind for the roof window (Dekolux®), introduced adhesive tapes for installing roller blinds instead of drilling into the window frame, promoted new types of fabrics, such as Day and Night, Roman Day and Night, now screens (sunsreens). The company has produced fabrics in-house in the past, has a lot of know-how in this field and ensures continuity of quality .
What products does Bamar have to offer?

Systems for interior rollerblinds – almost all possible solutions for interior roller shutters among others:

  • Free hanging blinds
  • Cassette roller blinds in ALU or PVC with side guides
  • Roller blinds for covering big areas
  • Day&Night roller blinds(Zebra)
  • Roman Day&Night
  • Vertical and Panel Track
  • Blinds for roof windows (Velux, Fakro, Roto and others), e.g. Dekolux®
    Fabrics for roller blinds:
  • Plain
  • Day&Night
  • Roman Day&Night
  • Blackout
  • Decorative
  • Flame retardant
  • 3D fabric
  • Mosquito net
  • Pleated
  • Vertical
  • Technical textile – screen (sunscreen) – intended for indoor and outdoor use

    Adhesive tapes for roller blinds -available in standard sizes, but it is also possible to customize the size according to the customer’s needs:
  • Tapes for sticking fabrics into a tube
  • Foam tapes for stick profiles into a window frame
  • Stiffening tapes for instalation fabrics into a tube or bottom bar.
In which markets does Bamar operate/sell?

BAMAR-POL sells to more than 80 countries in the world, mainly in Europe and, among others: the Arab countries, Australia, the United States, Canada, Mexico

What terms and forms of payment are available?

Payment by bank transfer, at the beginning (at least 3 transactions) we require prepayment, later we give payment terms

Terms and methods of delivery

Courier (UPS) for packages not exceeding 2.4m Pallet shipments using transport companies for goods with a maximum length of 315cm We work with many transport companies, we can find individual transport.

Minimum order quantities (MQO)

According to the packaging in the price list:
Components: 1 package
Fabrics: 1 roll
Tapes: 1 box

What are the ways of ordering?

B2B customer panel – Online ordering system – the indicated solution and the fastest

Do we provide blind samples, blind fabric catalogs, tape samples, marketing materials?

We provide samples of blinds to get acquainted with the product, fabric catalogs – one copy each for free, larger quantities can be ordered, at an affordable price. Sample swatches for collections of fabrics are in universal format A4 to fit most binders. Other marketing materials: photos, videos are available at no cost after signing appropriate lending agreements. The materials do not contain the logo of bamar-pol unless the customer requests it. In order to promote our products, it is possible to receive, roller blinds for the showroom – terms to be determined.

Do we provide training and assist customers?

Our collaboration is not just about product delivery; it also includes comprehensive support. Our team of experienced experts is ready to provide advice and assistance at every stage of design and production. With us, you can be confident that your blinds will meet customer expectations and gain their trust.

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